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American Flag Boots: This Summer's Top Western Fashion Trend

It might be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends because they change so frequently. But it’s clear that through 2022, Western fashion styles have remained popular and trendy.

There are so many cowboy-inspired fashion styles out there, from flannel snap western shirts to fringe display chaps and belt buckles. And when it comes to Western fashion, there is no item more necessary than the American flag boot, and Ariat is certainly a brand worth mentioning if you are in the market for these kinds of boots!

Why Do People Adore Ariat's American Flag Boots?
Why precisely Ariat American Flag Boots? I’ll tell you what the answer is, and it's actually rather simpler than what you might have thought at first: it comes down to quality and the right feel.

There are numerous options available to you when looking to buy a new pair of women's western boots. But if you want a boot that looks great and performs well for years to come, go no further than Ariat.

Ariat's American flag cowboy boots are a great way to demonstrate your patriotism and support for the USA. The American flag boots from Ariat are all made to last and to give you the most comfort possible all day long - they exemplify the look and feel you want out of a pair of Western boots.

It's no secret that Ariat cowboy boots are made to last—grease-resistant, self-cleaning treads. The boots that are made by Ariat are constructed out of full-grain leather of the highest quality.

What To Wear with the American Flag Boots

For Women
Avoid wearing a shirt with studs or frills with your cowgirl boots. Let your boots speak for themselves with a classic look.

Choosing what to wear with cowgirl boots is a matter of balancing complementary or contrasting colors and materials. Picture a simple flowery summer dress or a smocked crochet minidress for instance, as these pieces would pair nicely with Western style boots.

If you want to keep your cowgirl look stylish yet subdued, opt for a pair of jeans instead!

For Men
Clothing with similar materials but contrasting colors typically pairs well with cowboy boots. Keep your outfits basic when wearing cowboy boots. For men on the go, a wrinkle-free blue shirt, for example, is a great look.

Of course, denim and cowboy boots have been a classic pairing for more than a century. Pairing your cowboy boots with a functional, adaptable, and comfy pair of jeans is essential.

Try pairing your favorite pair of dark wash, slim fit, straight cut jeans with your favorite Ariat cowboy boots for a look you can wear all day long.

Ariat's boots are of the highest quality and come in a variety of fashionable and unique designs. Your first or next pair of Ariat boots may be purchased at Jackson English & Western Store for a very reasonable price. Visit their website today!

Nifty Holiday Gifts for the Western Boho Cowgirl in Your Life

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time again for America’s favorite pastime: shopping for presents! Looking for something to impress the cowgirl in your life? Peruse the selections below for a Christmas gift that’s sure to bring out her wild Western side:

What is Western Boho?
You may have already heard of boho or bohemian fashion. It evokes a certain free-spiritedness, which is why it was a popular style of dress among hippies in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

That free-spiritedness is often combined with a sense of wanderlust, as well as an inexhaustible love for the outdoors. These are qualities they share with women who wear Western-style fashion, which is why it only makes sense for the two to go together. Western Boho combines cowgirl with chic, never sacrificing function for form. Who says you can’t be working hard while looking graceful and beautiful at the same time?

Western Boho Holiday Gifts
There are plenty of Western Boho pieces you can score at your local western wear store. Any of them will surely be a great addition to any red-blooded cowgirl’s wardrobe. Here are a few categories that you browse online and purchase at Jackson’s Western Store:

When it comes to holiday gifts, you rarely go wrong with jewelry. Jackson’s Western Store has a wide range of items in their jewelry section, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. To simplify your shopping, they also sell jewelry sets, featuring matching earrings and necklaces.

When shopping for jewelry for your Western Boho girl, focus on ones made with rugged, natural materials that best fit their aesthetic. Anything that features turquoise is an excellent choice—few girls can resist that unique robin’s egg hue.

No self-respecting cowgirl (or any woman, really) would turn away a good pair of jeans. They’re naturally durable and tend to look and feel better as they age, making them great gifts. They’re so ubiquitous that you can purchase them even at big-box retailers.

For an added touch of authenticity, though, you could step into a western wear store and shop for jeans there. The pairs for sale there will feature additional decorative stitching and embroidery that will surely compliment any outfit and drive that Western Boho vibe all the way home.

Cowboy boots are a must for any Western Boho outfit. Some might even say that they go well with any ensemble regardless of the style, but they evoke a certain charm when worn with loose and flowy Bohemian pieces.

However, simply buying cowboy boots off the rack generally isn’t a good idea. For boots to fit well, they must be broken-in and fitted properly. The best way to gift a pair of cowboy boots is to bring your recipient with you to a western wear store that offers boot stretching as one of their services, such as Jackson’s Western Store in Michigan.

For other great gift ideas, be sure to check out Jackson’s Western Store’s online catalog!

2 Brands of Cowboy Boots Made in the USA [And Where You Can Get Them]

You can’t beat American grit, ingenuity, and engineering. The last century has been proof of that and there’s no more straightforward way to say it.

In this era, where many manufacturers send labor overseas to save on costs so they can pocket the returns, some manufacturers are still doing things the old-fashioned way: stateside, with hard work and vision.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of cowboy boots made in the USA, you’re in luck. Some of the industry’s top brands are still made here, including the following.

Double H Boot Company
Double H Boots are about as American as they come. For over 50 years, they have been made with pride in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Their boots use premium quality leather, and proven techniques like genuine Goodyear welts and many offer comfort or safety-enhancing features. For instance, many Double H Boots feature shock-absorbing insoles, non-metallic shanks, and electrical hazard protection.

Many Double H Boots also feature comfort enhancing features, such as orthotic insoles, and durable Oak ICE Rubber outsoles which improve traction in adverse conditions.

For many ranchers and laborers across the country, Double H Boots, which are available in a wide range of styles and patterns, represent a Made-in-America standard that is impossible to beat.

Abilene Boots
Abilene might be a newer entry on this list, but they still offer American-made excellence. Since 1980, Abilene Boots have produced some of the highest quality cowboy boots for both men and women.

Unlike many other western boot manufacturers, some of which only produce select lines in the United States, Abilene boots are all, without exception, made here.

They also keep to a commitment to offering “affordable quality,” in American-made cowboy boots, which is nice in an economy where prices seem to be consistently on the rise.

Most importantly, “affordable,” doesn’t have anything to do with cutting corners on quality. Many Abilene boots are made with genuine cowhide or bison leather and feature western heels and rubber outsoles for superior traction and stability in all conditions.

Not to worry, though, Abilene, like the other boot maker on this list, uses nothing but premium materials, including but not limited to high-quality genuine leather and cowhide.

Where Can You Get Cowboy Boots Made in the USA?
Ready for your next pair of western-style boots, but adamant about getting a pair of cowboy boots made in the USA? We can’t blame you and we know just where to look.

Jackson’s Western carries a huge range of cowboy boots and work boots for men, women, and children, and makes a concerted effort to carry American-made brands in a wide range of boot styles.

They carry a huge selection, too. Their outlet in Wayland, Michigan, has over 4,000 pairs in stock. We recommend visiting if you’re in their area because they offer free fitting and stretching with each purchase.

Even if you’re not, you can invest in American-made quality on their website - JacksonsWestern.com - or contact them at 269-792-2550.

Items You Need From Any Western Apparel Store

There are definitely some iconic pieces of clothing that come to mind when you think of country and Western wear. There are certain styles and certain visuals that pop up in your mind as quintessential examples of Western fashion that you can recognize immediately without fail.

This distinct look makes it much easier for people to adopt these styles if they want to dress that way in their own lives. You can find lots of great pieces available at a Western apparel store, in all sorts of styles and colors so that you can customize this Western image to fit your particular tastes. In order to get that iconic look, there are a few key pieces that you can find at any Western apparel store to really create the look easily. With these pieces, you can create your own Western style outfits and see if you want to keep heading in that direction.

Cowboy Boots
Nothing screams country quite like a pair of cowboy boots, one of the most universally recognized elements of Western lifestyle. They are highly comfortable boots, perfect for wearing out in muddy or damp soil.

You can find these boots with all sorts of designs including special embroidery, bright colors, and other fun designs that make them feel more special and unique to you. They bring the cowboy look together and can be worn to a number of occasions ranging from casual to formal, depending on the look you pull together.

Western Hats
As far as accessories go, hats have got to be one of the most underrated. For a long time, they were considered a natural part of a proper look, but now they are much more optional. Despite this, cowboy or Western hats still feel intuitive and right at home in a Western apparel store. Just find a good style that feels right to you and start adding that to otherwise simple outfits to bring it all together.

Quality Jeans
Never underestimate the value of a good pair of jeans. These pieces can provide you with years upon years of near daily use, pairing nicely with any T-shirt or button-up shirt you want. A well-made pair of jeans can last you a long time and work in lots of different outfits, so this should be considered an investment in your own wardrobe based on how much you will come to depend on them, whether you are shopping for a Western look or anything else.

Find the right Western apparel store for you, and you should be able to get your hands on all kinds of garments and accessories that bring a country style look together.

Each of the pieces listed above can build out a complete look and can be styled in a number of different outfits to give you a lot of use. If you are going to invest in any items to create some Western style looks, these are definitely the ones. You can find some great options for each of these items available at jacksonswestern.com, along with lots of other pieces that might feel like a perfect fit for you. Take a look and upgrade your wardrobe right away.

Quick Style Guide To Look Chic in Cowgirl Boots This Winter

For quite some time, cowgirl boots are recognized mainly for their main purpose: horseback riding. However, with the ever-changing fashion trends and eclectic taste amalgamating with customary footgear meant to be worn in the dirt and dusty pavements, cowgirl boots are the pair you have to have this winter. They are perfect for every outfit you need emphasized and they work with every woman's height. You can pick out any basic staples from your closet and pair them with your cowboy boots. Still and all, if you're having a hard time how to look stylish and chic in your cowgirl boots, here's a quick style guide we've curated for you.

Skater Dresses and Boots
Whoever said not to wear cowgirl boots in a prairie dress must have never tried this classic coveted style. However, prairie dresses somehow make everything look over-the-top especially if you're out window shopping in the city. On a more subtle and subdued variety, pair your cowgirl boots with a skater dress that gives you the best features of a more balanced and stylish outfit. Also, if you're having a hard time emphasizing your form, skater dresses will work on that for you. It features a more snug cut in the middle and a little bit of flare at the bottom part of the dress which would contour the slimmest part of your torso, highlighting your curves even more. The only thing you have to consider in this ensemble is the color of your dress and your boots. If you're sporting soft brown leather cowgirl boots, then you'll most likely look best in powdery blue or old rose for the dress.

Denim Skirts and Boots
We're not trying to sound cliche here but high-waist A-line denim mini skirts look really absolutely gorgeous and fashionable with cowgirl boots. For your top, it's best if you keep it neutral to emphasize your skirt and your boots the most. They're even more snazzy if you wear embroidered western cowgirl boots with stylish designs that conquer the divide between ordinary and phenomenal. Embroidered cowgirl boots are hard to find but they're always in stock with Jackson's Western Store where you can find pretty much all Western wear, from super flare jeans to cowboy hats.

A Maxi Dress and Boots
Maxi dresses are usually worn in the summer but if you're feeling light this winter, you can always flaunt a cascading and flowy outfit with a pair of stylish boots. While in most cases maxi dresses are paired with strappy sandals or cute flip-flops, but we're actually trying not to conform with customary looks here. Thus, picking a pair of stylish cow]girl boots to pair with your maxi dress is fair and just in the name of fashion—breaking boundaries. Cowgirl boots also elongate your lower form and would basically help you look more instagrammable while out and about.

If you’re in the market for fashion-forward cowgirl boots, look no further! Check out Jackson's Western Store for all of the leading brands when it comes to Western-style clothing for women!

Find Ariat Ladies Boots for Sale

Cowboy boots are all about style. There can be many different unique designs and colors that make boots a very stylish choice for any ensemble. When it comes to women’s boots, you want selection, style, and comfort. The answer to finding that perfect combination is to choose from the selection of Ariat Ladies Boots from Jackson’s Western Store.


Let’s take a closer look at the three areas that many people look at when they buy boots.



Selection - Everybody has a different style and you need to be able to make a selection that truly fits your personality. That means you need to have options. When you choose the right store to make your purchase, you should be able to go in and find a wide selection of boots to choose from so you get something that has a unique style and is what you want it to be. With Jackson’s Western Store, you get the largest selection of boots of all sizes and styles.


Style - Cowboy boots can come with many different style elements that can be different. There are various colors to choose from. There are different boot shapes. There are different leathers to choose from. There are styles that can include designs or color schemes that are made to fit as part of a specific outfit. Whatever you choose, you want to find a place that has all of the options available to you so you can get the boots you want.


Comfort - Perhaps the most important thing you are looking for, other than the style, is the comfort of the boots and how they feel on your feet. Many people choose to wear boots as a fashion statement. It can go with a specific outfit for a specific event like a concert or festival or just be a fashion piece that you wear wherever you go. If you are going to use boots for regular use, you want them to be comfortable. Ariat ladies boots, and all Ariat boots in general, are made to be comfortable, to fit your feet and provide comfort from top to bottom.


Knowing what Ariat ladies boots have to offer, it should be at the top of your list if you want to add a truly durable and long-lasting pair of boots. And if you want to get a pair of boots, you don’t want to be limited in your selection. The answer, then, is simple. You want to head to Jackson’s Western Store and choose the best pair of boots for you so you can get the proper fit and comfort you need.


Jackson’s Western Store provides you with the largest selection of boots and a great selection of other Western wear including apparel like shirts and jeans and accessories such as belt buckles and jewelry. In addition, Jackson’s Western Store also provides free boot fitting and shaping services so your boots are the perfect fit.


So head over to Jackson’s today and get the pair of boots you have always wanted.

What Makes Durango Cowboy Boots Great?

Whether you are choosing them for fashion or for some old-fashion hard work, cowboy boots certainly fit both purposes well. When you shop for cowboy boots, you want to find something that fits your style and also feels comfortable on your foot. This isn’t your average shoe, but it should still feel great so you can move and be in comfort during the workday or at a concert or party or wherever you are wearing the boots.


Look no further than Durango Cowboy Boots, which come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every person’s needs.


A great pair of cowboy boots have two qualities -- they are made well and built to last and they offer a unique style. With Durango, you won’t be disappointed on either front. Durango cowboy boots come with many unique and innovative designs that you won’t see from other brands. They are also made with a variety of materials from traditional leather to ostrich and other exotic leathers.



When it comes to durability, Durango is one of the leaders. There are boots that are designed for work purposes like the Durango Men’s Arena Pro or Workin’ Rebel boots. Of course, you can always find your favorite fashion boots that are built to last with genuine leather. Durango boots also come at a great price so you can afford to get the best in the business for you.


When you shop at Jackson’s Western Store, this is the type of quality you will find on a regular basis. Durango is one of the leaders in cowboy boots and Western boots and when you are making a significant purchase like for a pair of boots that are going to not only serve a purpose but hold a special place in your collection of footwear and Western apparel, you want to make sure you get quality. Durango is well-known for its quality and delivers every time.


At Jackson’s Western Store, you will find a large selection of boots from many brands including Durango cowboy boots. You will also find other Western apparel like shirts, jeans, hats, and accessories like belts and wallets. There is something for everyone at Jackson’s Western Store, especially for people who want to channel their inner cowboy or get rugged footwear and apparel that will last as they go to work in the elements.


So head to Jackson’s Western Store today to take advantage of the great prices and wide selection of items you can find. Additionally, let the staff at Jackson’s Western Store help you find the products you really want and get the perfect fit in boots and hats. Every boot and hat needs to fit right to be truly comfortable and can require some adjustment. Hats need to be shaped and boots can be “broken in” right at the store to ensure your new boots fit properly. Let the experts at Jackson’s get it done right for you so you get the perfect fit.


If you have any questions, feel free to give Jackson’s a call at (269) 792-2550 or fill out the contact form on their contact page.

Find Western Shirts for Ladies at Jackson’s Western Store

From the classic button-down to something with more of a design that features unique patterns, Western shirts have gained popularity as an everyday clothing item for men and women, something that can be on the formal side, but perfectly casual for daily use. There are a few reasons for this.


Western Shirts For Ladies and men have become more popular from a comfort standpoint. People want to spend their day getting through work or school in comfort. Even if you aren’t trying to be the most fashionable, you can still look good and feel comfortable in Western shirts.



Western shirts have also been getting a rise in popularity from the crowd of country music concertgoers. There is a desire to look the part at these shows and dress like your favorite country stars from the Western shirts to the boots to the hat and everything in between. It can also be a nod to the fan of Westerns from the 1950s, a little dose of nostalgia in the 21st century.


There is also a use for Western shirts in the workplace. As mentioned, Western shirts can be a great business casual option for men and women in an office setting. For people who have to work in the field or in shops of various trades, Western shirts are usually made with more rugged material that is suitable for intense activity. It can be a tough shirt for tough work.


When it comes to Western shirts for ladies, Jackson’s Western Store has an unparalleled selection of top brands like Ariat, Cinch, Wrangler, Kimes Ranch, and Rock & Roll Cowgirl. There are many stylish designs that are perfect for a night out on the town or a special date night with a significant other. You can easily add some style to your wardrobe and have a new go-to outfit for your nights out with friends.


The nature of Western shirts can make them a little pricey. These are shirts that are made to have very specific and special designs and made with great material, so it is very much a premium shirt. However, when you shop for Western shirts for ladies and men at Jackson’s Western Store, you will find plenty of selection at great prices. With many different styles and colors to choose from, there is something for everyone.


Jackson’s Western Store offers an unparalleled selection of Western apparel that goes far beyond shirts. You can find a vast selection of boots in different styles, colors, and sizes. You will find hats in all materials and shapes. You can even get your boots and hat to fit perfectly and look the way you want with hat shaping and boot stretching services.


So choose to find great shirts for women and men, boots for everyone in your family, hats for the cowboys and cowgirls in your life, accessories that can complete your look and find them all at Jackson’s Western Store, a place where you can channel your inner cowboy or get everything you need to continue living the cowboy lifestyle through work or leisure.

Choose Men’s Double-H Boots from Jackson’s Western

Choosing the right pair of boots is all about the comfort you feel while you wear them. Boots are not typical footwear for everyone, so when you decide to invest in a pair of boots, the way they fit will determine how often you choose to wear them. It is so important to get the right pair of boots from the beginning.


Double-H boots have helped to redefine extraordinary boots by creating innovative western wear styles that fit today’s style. Cowboys today are hardworking men and women who work the farms and fields and ranches across America that need to get the best performance out of their boots. If you are going to go to work in a trusty pair of boots, you want durability, comfort, and style all in one.



Western boots are used for a variety of purposes. Some use them as quality work boots that are for use in the field. Others use them strictly for style, wearing a pair of boots to events like concerts or dressing up in a costume, channeling your inner cowboy. Double-H is making boots for today’s cowboy who needs to have constant comfort and still get the durability and style that have been traditional to cowboy boots for years.


When you want to find Men’s Double-H Boots, you can go to a boot specialty store that knows everything there is to know about boots and the way to make them feel the best on your feet. Jackson’s Western Store has the largest selection of boots in the state of Michigan and has been providing boots for over 50 years. This family-owned and operated business offers a selection of cowboy boots, work boots, western apparel and hats and western and English equestrian riding equipment and tack.


When you get a pair of boots, you get complimentary boot break-ins. This is the process of breaking in the leather and stretching it out so that the boots are a more comfortable fit, allowing you to feel good in whatever you are doing while wearing the boots. All boots come with a one-year warranty and you can get personalized sized for a pair of boots by an expert staff when you stop in. Many of the products offered by Jackson’s English and Western Store, including men’s Double-H boots, are made in the USA. With over 4,000 different pairs of boots in stock, there is something for everyone.


If you choose to buy your new pair of men’s Double-H boots online, you can get free same-day shipping as well. It makes it easy to get a pair of boots that have a lot of comfort and durability while offering a unique style shipped right to your home.


For all of your western needs from apparel to hats to boots and accessories, choose Jackson’s English and Western Store to find the best selection of items from top brands in the industry. With the selection as well as an expert customer service team that can answer all of your questions, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Jackson’s.

Get Your Corral Cowboy Boots at Jackson’s English & Western Store

If you’re going to suit yourself up in western wear, there are a few things you can’t go without. A solid western shirt like one of the rodeo shirts by Cinch, some reliable western jeans or pants, and a cowboy hat are necessities for pulling off the look of the western lifestyle. There’s something else you can’t go without, though, and that’s a good pair of faithful cowboy boots.


There are a few names in the industry for cowboy boots and they all claim their own laurels for support, construction, and style. Each of them possesses its own character of quality, but when it comes to design aesthetics, no one does it better than Corral Cowboy Boots. A good pair of western boots from Corral, whether cowboy or cowgirl boots, will give you a style unlike any other. That’s because the bootmakers at Corral aren’t only the most experienced, they use the finest leather and exotic materials in the construction of their boots for a finished look that can’t be paralleled. Each and every pair of Corral Cowboy Boots is handcrafted and handpainted for a finished design that is one of a kind in beauty.



Part of what makes the designs in Corral Cowboy Boots so appealing is in their mixture of classic and exotic components. Take a look at their Corral Men’s Chocolate Patchwork Caiman Cowboy Boots to see a perfect example of their new twist on a classic style. Although pulling off a complete look in simple brown leather, these boots utilized an interesting patchwork of Caiman skin for the foot of the boot. Their Men’s Black Grey Caiman Patch Cowboy Boot is another example of this but with a little more color and flair.


But to get a real impression of the excellence in finery that Corral Cowboy Boots can offer, take a look at some of their cowgirl boots. Their Women’s Star & Stripe’s Flag Glow In Dark Cowgirl Boots offer an attractive take on our national flag that actually glows in the dark. Their Women’s Brown Turquoise Stars Cowgirl Boots display a beautiful motif of bright turquoise stars in leather with attractive accents for a completely unique look.


You can find all of these completely unique boots and many more from Corral at Jackson’s English & Western Store in Wayland, Michigan and on their site at JacksonsWestern.com. Not only will you find some of the most sought after designs in Corral Cowboy Boot at Jackson’s English & Western Store, but you’ll be able to outfit yourself with authentic western wear such as rodeo shirts, jeans, and belts as well. They also offer a full line of made in the USA leatherware for accessorizing your western lifestyle. You can also get free fitting and break in services when you shop with them. Whether any of these styles detailed herein caught your fancy or you’re looking for a different but equally unique pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots from Corral, be sure to find it at Jackson’s English & Western Store.